Friday, March 2, 2007

Old and Forgetful

After realizing how bad their memory was, an old couple decided to start writing things down in order to remember them. One night, they were watching TV and the husband decided to go to the kitchen to get some late-night snacks.

HUSBAND: Do you want anything?

WIFE: Yes, I would like a slice of chocolate cake. Write that down.

HUSBAND: There's no need to write that down. I can easily remember that.

WIFE: Okay. Could you put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on it? Now, write that down.

HUSBAND: Don't worry. I can still remember that.

WIFE: Can you also bring me a glass of milk with it? Write that down.

HUSBAND: No need. I can still handle that.

He left without writing anything and when he came back he brought scrambled eggs on toast.

WIFE: See what you've done? You forgot my coffee!

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