Saturday, March 3, 2007

Still Sick

One day in a mental institution, a doctor interviewed a patient to assess if he's fit for discharge.

DOCTOR: Tell me why you ended up in this institution.

PATIENT: Well I used to think that I was a mouse, but not anymore. After five years of being in this mental institution, I know now that I am not a mouse--I am a person, a human being!

DOCTOR: Well, I'm quite sure you're fine now. I'll sign the discharge documents and you can go get your stuff. There's no need for you to be in this mental institution anymore.

(The patient took his stuff and after going through discharge procedures eagerly marched his way out of the building. Then something happened. The patient came back and was catching his breath as he spoke to the doctor.)

PATIENT: Doctor, please help me. I can't leave. I'm so scared.

DOCTOR: Why? What's the matter?

PATIENT: There's a cat near the exit door and I'm so scared!!!

DOCTOR: Wait a minute. Didn't you tell me early on, that you already know that you're not a mouse? Right? You're a human being!

PATIENT: You're right, I know that I am not a mouse... but what about the cat? He doesn't know!

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