Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Drunk Again

John went home late at night after having a drinking spree with his buddies. As soon as he got home he slowly climb his way upstairs, and tried so hard not to wake up his wife who was already sleeping. Unfortunately, all the lights were out and while John grope his way in the darkness, he stumbled on a piece of lamp at the top of the stairs, and he cut his face and arms. Luckily he didn't wake up his wife, so he dressed his wounds and quietly slipped under the covers. Then the following morning . . .

WIFE: John, you were drunk again last night. Weren't you?

JOHN: No, I just had a bottle of beer. That's it. That won't make me drunk!

WIFE: (staring closely at John's face with traces of blood.) Really?

JOHN: (Cautiously defended himself). Oh, this is nothing. The cat was sleeping by the door when I came in and since it was dark I stepped on him so I tripped.

WIFE: (was really pissed and screamed at John). Don't lie to me! You see the bathroom mirror? It's got band-aid all over it!

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