Thursday, March 8, 2007

Divine Intervention

An older man who has a history of diabetes complications visits his doctor for a check-up.

DOCTOR: So how are you feeling today?

PATIENT: I haven't felt this good in a long time. I think my faith in the supreme being is helping me.

DOCTOR: (Amazed at the remark) And why is that so?

PATIENT: It's almost like a divine intervention, you know? I feel like angels are watching me all the time. When I wake up to go to the bathroom at night there's a light that comes on in the darkness and as soon as I'm done peeing it shuts off on its own.

DOCTOR: (Still bewildered) Okay. You seem to be in your best shape anyway. And you seem fine. You can go home and I'll see you again after a while.

After the patient left, the doctor called up the wife to verify the information.

WIFE: So how was the check-up? Is my husband okay?

DOCTOR: Yeah, he's fine. But I just want to know something. Is your husband a religious man?

WIFE: Why?

DOCTOR: He told me about some sort of divine intervention; angels watching him all the time; a light that shining on him in the darkness when he wakes up to go to the bathroom at night...something like that. Are you aware of this?

WIFE: That son of a bitch! He's peeing again in the fridge!

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