Thursday, May 10, 2007

Short-Term Memory

Three wives were talking to each other about the dilemma of getting old.

WIFE1: I don't mind getting old but the older I get the harder it is for me to remember certain things. Can you imagine, sometimes I put my dentures in the freezer and just as when I take some ice cubes I end up taking my dentures as well such that both the ice cubes and my dentures end up floating in my glass.

WIFE2: Well I don't think that's as bad as what I go through. You know, whenever I take the stairs, as soon as I reach the middle portion of the staircase I forget which way I am headed, whether upstairs or downstairs.

(The third wife proudly shared her story.)

WIFE3: Oh, thank God! I'm so not like the two of you. Even if I'm already in my 50s I still can remember things clearly, and I have to knock on wood for that. God forbid, I will not be as forgetful as the two of you, anytime soon.

(She did the gesture of knocking on wood, as if warding off some bad jinx from happening to her all too soon. Then the she calmly said...)

WIFE3: Wait a minute, would you mind excusing me? I have to get the door. Someone's knocking!

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