Thursday, May 3, 2007

A Little Distasteful But Funny

I was watching the Sopranos last week and they featured these jokes in some of the scenes. The jokes are short, a little distasteful, but have a really catching punch line. Disclaimer: I don't mean to offend anyone here. These jokes are solely meant to entertain, and not to discriminate any particular sect of society. If you are easily offended feel free to leave this page now.

Joke1: A guy came home one night with a bouquet of flowers and as soon as the wife opened the door, she said, "Guess I have to spread my legs tonight!" And the husband replied, "Why? You don't have a vase?"

Joke2: A blind man passes by a fish market every morning, and do you know what he says everytime? "Hello ladies!"

Joke3: A gay couple decided to do artificial insemination using a surrogate mother. Nine months later, the baby was born. They went to the nursery and all the babies were crying, except for one baby, and they thought, "That must be our baby right there!" The nurse came and said, "Yeah, right! Wait till you get the pacifier out of his ass!"

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