Sunday, April 15, 2007

Consider Yourself Covered

A busload of people were all cramped up as they headed south in one of the Philippines' busiest islands.

Unfortunately though, every now and then there’s a very disgusting smell that wafts through the air. One can imagine the horrid smell of a sewage system that’s been left to stand for days under the intense heat of the sun.

The driver thought that it was really impolite for whoever it was to just pass gas as recklessly as that.

One annoyed passenger took off before she can reach her destination and as she pays the bus driver…

PASSENGER1: Here’s my fare.

BUS DRIVER: You are paying for two. Any companion? Which one?

PASSENGER1: Oh, I’m all alone. The remaining fare is for whoever it is who’s got some really bad gas problem in this bus. Whoever you are, consider yourself covered.

BUS DRIVER: Actually, I was thinking that perhaps I could just give that person who keeps on passing stinky gas in this bus, a free ride today. Take your money. It’s on me.

(Then from somewhere in the middle of the bus, a guy stood up and addressed both the bus driver and the passenger.)

PASSENGER2: Well, you really think I can’t afford to pay for my fare? How dare you!

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